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Bear's Car Essentials Learn Basic Car Maintenance with this helpful, easy to read guide

Over 130 pages of useful tips
10 easy to read chapters
Changing a wheel
Checking fluid levels
Safety advice
Preventative Actions
Money-saving tips
Easy to follow steps
Reliable info for all drivers

Now you don’t have to ask – it’s in the book!

Keep your car in tip-top condition with this handy resource that you can read and keep in your glove compartment.

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Be your own car medic

Does the cost of owning a car give you a headache?

Ever wish there was a simple way to bring down the cost of maintaining your vehicle?

Does the thought of checking your cars oil & water sound like complex surgery?

Want to know your dipstick from your demister?

Don't Get Deflated

Don’t you wish you could just get on and change a
 tyre yourself, instead of waiting ages for a breakdown service? 

 Want to know your jack from your wheel nut?

Winter driving:

Do you love driving your car, but when it snows you hang up your car keys and dust off your snow boots? 

Want to have a better understanding of what 
you should and shouldn’t do in these tricky conditions? 

Not intimidated anymore

 I no longer feel intimidated when I lift the Bonnet. 

 Calling items a “thingamajig” or a “what’s it” is a thing of the past.